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demand-oriented wholistic treatment in the Friedel Practice

We have started an experiment in our practice for Chinese and Osteopathic Medicine. Its aim is to give every person the opportunity to a demand-oriented wholistic treatment, independent of their economic resources.

The public health insurance system unfortunately still hardly supports alternative health care so that it has to be paid privately by those who can afford it. This is why we are often confronted with limitations: frequency and the amount of treatments are determined by the financial situation of the patients. Some medically necessary treatment may not even take place due to lack of money. We want to try to change this with our experiment.

We do not want health to depend on money –

we want treatments to take place based on need

and invite you to participate in our experiment.

The idea:

The practice offers you a treatment contract with a cancellation period of three months. The contract includes the possibility of a naturopathic treatment in various cases of  complaints within the time capacities of the healing practicioners. You support this experiment with a fixed – self chosen – monthly rate indepent from you maybe not needing treatment for some time or needing treatments more often.

This gives you the opportunity to get wholistic medical treatments without fear of costs. It offers us a certain security with a fixed monthly income.

Interested? Questions?

If you are interested and want to take part in our non-commercial health care experiment, please come to our next information evening („Infotreffen“) to get all the information and send us an e-mail to friedelpraxis at least three days before that you’re coming.


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